It is an alternative holistic Natural Manual Therapy that enhances the self healing process of the body. For the body to heal by itself, it has to be free of tensions and restrictions caused by injuries, bad posture, hormonal imbalances, physical or emotional trauma. It creates balance and harmony in the body. Osteopathy approaches to treatment are based on the findings of the assessment and employs Visceral/organ massage, Cranial Osteopathy related to releasing restrictions in the cranial bones and membranes for optimizing the function of central and peripheral nervous system, and Structural Osteopathy related to harmonizing and balancing the structure/ posture of the body, including the spine and peripheral joints.

Osteopathy is based on holistic philosophy as seen the body as a whole unit, and that all tissues are connected , all systems and structures are interrelated, and that one can affect the other and vice versa.

Osteopathy benefits everybody, gentle enough for newborns and babies, and for the very elderly and sick as well. It treats a wide variety of ailments.

Common conditions treated are for Osteoarthritis, Spinal disc degeneration/bulging, herniated discs, Spinal Stenosis, Headaches/Migraines, sleeping issues, Digestive issues, IBS, Incontinence, TMJ Jaw pain, Orthodontic misalignments, Sciatica, Dizziness/vertigo, Tinnitus, Pregnancy related discomfort, Scoliosis, Postural Issues, Frozen Shoulder, Scar/adhesions therapy, Pelvic pain, Coccyx/Tail bone pain, Concussions, Neck, and back pain, Anxiety, Cerebral palsy alleviating symptoms, Parkinson alleviating stiffness and tremors, Autistic children alleviating symptoms, ADHD/behavioural issues in children, premature babies, babies that have traumatic births, Breech babies, latching/feeding issues, reflux, gas, constipation, torticollis, flathead, Painful menstruation, menstrual cramps, some types of infertility issues and more.

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